Mobile Home Bathroom Remodel

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mobile home bathroom remodel

Did your mobile home come with ugly wall board covered in flowers or thin, pale stripes? How about carpet in the bathroom, was that part of the stunning package you’ve been blessed with? How to Remodel a Mobile Home Bathroom. Anyone with a little drive and motivation can remodel a mobile home bathroom. Removing all the old bathroom fixtures and replacing the flooring gives an old mobile home bathroom a complete overhaul. This complete mobile home bathroom guide covers fixtures, materials, and design. If you are planning a remodel this is a must-read! More blog posts about mobile homes: • Is it safe to go under a mobile home? • How do I determine the age of a very old mobile home? • What is a manufactured home? • How do I find a good mobile/manufactured home inspector? You may not consider “mobile home” and “luxury” to be words that commonly go together. But after you see this complete remodel of a 1991 double-wide home located in California’s picturesque Napa Valley, you might change your mind. The living room before the remodel. Courtesy of Kim Bathroom Exhaust-You know you want it! (More on Mobile Home Moisture) .

A 2002 lake side double wide received a complete manufactured home remodel and becomes a log cabin dream home. A remarkable transformation! HomeAdvisor’s bathroom remodel cost guide lists average cost information reported by real customers. Learn more about what influences the price of a bathroom renovation. Northwest Home Renovation is a company that focuses on customer satisfaction and quality. It’s a fast-growing trend and no secret that more and more seniors are choosing to remain living at home instead of transitioning into an assisted living facility or nursing home. .

mobile home bathroom remodel

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