Bathroom Vanity Height

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bathroom vanity height

Standard bath vanity height is 32″. Generally speaking bathroom vanity countertop height can range anywhere from 30″ -36″. Standard height vanities work well in homes that have young children who may be at a disadvantage while using taller vanities. bathroom vanity height Stan Ubeki September 24, 2013 Much to my surprise my new master bathroom vanities are 35″ high, a full 4″ higher than the other bathrooms in the houzz. We are having an argument about the bathroom vanity height! I am 5’3″ and currently our contractor has our vanity height at 36 1/4 in. I think that is way too tall for me. The height of almost all modern furniture-style vanities is 33 1/2″, with a few coming in 3/4-2″ shorter. This usual height, with 1″ granite, marble or quartzite, brings them to 34 1/2″. This is about as standard as I can see for a current adult-height, furniture-style vanity. Comfort height bathroom vanities are 36″ tall to match the height of kitchen countertops. By raising the height of your vanity, your sink and countertop are also heighted for an ergonomically enhanced experience. Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide. Standard countertop height is 31 inches, In a small bathroom, a single vanity is probably your only option. .


bathroom vanity height

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